Become your own Makeup Artist!

Makeup application

Ever wanted to learn how to apply your Makeup like a real Makeup Artist? Our professional Makeup Artists will show you how during a 1-on-1 Makeup Tutorial with Jane Iredale Cosmetics! During your one hour session you will learn tips and tricks on how to contour, blend and master your own personalized look.

Reserve your appointment during business hours throughout the week of October 9th! Your $20 reservation will be redeemed in product purchases allowing you to recreate your look at home – after all, practice makes perfect! 

Jane Iredale prides itself on being the most technically advanced makeup in the world! By using all natural minerals Jane Iredale is capable of creating a product worthy of your skin care needs. Endorsed by the Skin Cancer Foundation, these all-natural minerals will nourish while protecting your skin from the environments harsh elements.

Book your appointment by giving your desired location a call. We can reserve your spot right over the phone!

4112 West Henrietta Road, Rochester, NY 14623 | 585.359.2249
400A Packett’s Landing, Fairport, NY 14450 | 585.223.5850

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Picture yourself lying comfortably on a spa bed with a trained massage technician working out all the tension and knots in your shoulders and back. Perhaps, you’d enjoy a soothing facial to refresh your skin or a body wrap that rejuvenates by way of relaxing aromatherapy and scrubs to exfoliate your whole body. If this sounds amazing, imagine what regular spa visits could do for you.

Fairport and Henrietta, NY’s Pharaoh’s Hairum shares the top three reasons to visit the spa and how they benefit your health:

•Reduces Stress: A regular massage has been shown to reduce the stress hormone cortisol, relieving tension, lowering blood pressure, and slowing the heart rate. Massages also increase dopamine and serotonin, hormones that produce pleasure and regulate moods, causing an overall improvement in your temperament.

•Boosts Immunity: When your stress levels are lower, your body is in better shape to fight off illness. Studies have shown that spa treatments have increased immunity in individuals. Massages and other spa treatments are also pain relievers, soothing muscle pain and aiding in the relief of chronic headaches.

•Relieves PMS: For women, PMS symptoms are reduced when treated with massages. Pain and water retention are relieved, and mood swings are regulated after a visit to the spa. Even treatments, such as a pedicure or facial, are useful in relieving pain and tension as most spa specials come with massages of the area being treated.

A day at the spa is a healthy choice to make, so why not treat yourself to the salon’s many soothing spa treatments such as an anti-stress facial, hair and nail treatments, and the pharaoh’s signature body wrap? Pharaoh’s Hairum’s expert technicians only use organic, all-natural chemical-free products for every service. To view their full list of salon and spa packages, visit their website or call (585) 359-2249 for Henrietta and (585) 223-5850 for Fairport.