A relaxing AND beneficial Spa Experience

Get the most out of your Spa visit! Our Spa has incorporated the relaxing atmosphere you crave with the beneficial results you deserve. After many months of research, we have created a spa experience worthy of your skin and nail care needs. The following services that have been added to our spa are targeted to soothe, rejuvenate and revive from the inside, out.

Evo Gel Manicure

The first ever medical grade gel polish that is free of solvents and de-hydrating primers and bonders. By using oxygenating technology, this gel polish works from the base up to promote Vitamin A & E, oxygen and water vapor to protect your nails. Enjoy the flawless look and durability of gel polish without the worry of harsh chemicals found in other gel polish responsible for breaking down the integrity of your nails.

Foot bath Detox

This 30 minute treatment uses positive ions to charge the hydrogen in the water and extract negative toxins. This process will help eliminate a vast majority of potential toxins caused from impurities in the air, chemicals at home, ingredients in beauty products, dietary choices and other factors.


Experience the many benefits of the BioMat during a facial, body treatment or a simply relax for 30 minutes! The BioMat integrates far infrared waves, negative ions and amethyst crystals to relieve joint and muscle pain, reduce stress and fatigue, rejuvenate, detox and strengthen multiple body functions.

Whole Tones Music

Beautiful music with specific frequencies found to offer soothing, healthy benefits. Native Americans, Greek physicians and Ancient Egyptians used music as a way to treat and protect against disease. Whole Tones music has incorporated certain powerful and beautiful music providing many of the properties used centuries ago!


A 24 karat gold platted wand used during a facial treatment to minimize fine lines & wrinkles. In replace of microdermabrasian, this wand gently removes dirt, dead skin cells and debris. After just three treatments, many of our guests have noticeably smoother, tighter and brighter skin! This side-by-side photo of our Fairport spa client is a before and after three Rejuvena treatments!

Our Spa technicians will meet with you to customize your skin or nail care service in order to achieve your desired results. Keep the positive vibes of the New Year going by booking your beneficial spa experience with us!

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